Made from Scratch. Heritage Inspired Flavors.

If you are looking for a convenient, delicious and better for you snack, we have you covered. With 4 incredible flavors, our empanadas are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Traditional Beef Empanadas 

Made with antibiotic-free beef, sweet onions, tangy olives, and red bell peppers, this classic Argentinean recipe incorporates authentic taste with healthy and flavorful ingredients. They are wrapped in our flaky gluten-free crust and baked to perfection. Delicious by itself or with your favorite chimichurri sauce! Just heat & serve!

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Spicy Beef Empanadas 

This flavor combines Argentinian's love for the best steaks with a zesty Tex-Mex inspiration from our new home here in the States. Made with antibiotic-free beef, savory onions, spicy jalapeño, and wrapped in our signature gluten-free crust with a splash of red chili flakes. Delicious by itself or with your favorite hot sauce! Just Heat and Serve!

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Spinach & Cheese Empanadas 

Fresh spinach and sautéed onions are combined with a blend of artisan cheeses to make a truly mouthwatering empanada. Wrapped in a gluten-free, spinach infused crust, these empanadas offer a nutritious and vegetarian comfort food heaven. Delicious by itself or with your favorite hot sauce! Our Secret: We use the freshest Spinach and onions! You will taste the difference. Made from scratch.

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Chicken & Peppers Empanadas

Made with antibiotic-free hand cut chicken, savory onions, green peppers and olives, this juicy filling is wrapped with a flaky pre-baked, gluten free crust. A delightful experience for any chicken lover. Delicious by itself or with your favorite hot sauce!

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